Follow the Money | Motion design
Follow the Money is a journalistic platform with a crystal-clear goal: truth-finding in service of society. Follow the Money is their editorial Leitmotiv. Because whether it concerns healthcare, the financial world, politics or education; if you follow the money you will discover the truth.
I created several motion design pieces for this platform. The year-end fundraising campaign above is my favourite project so far. To reach a diverse group of potential members the editors came up with three distinct openers, all of which are in the full-length version above. Each opening statement contains a contrast between haves and have-nots. I had a lot of fun incorporating visual rhyme in the compositions. This was important to me, because for both sides - though the outcome differs radically - the subject is similar. I wanted to keep that element of similarity in both sides visually represented.
Different groups were targeted with a cutdown of the full-length version above, containing only the opener that suits their demographic best. 
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