SIRE 'Laat Jongens Weer Jongens Zijn' | Motion design
Boys are three times more likely to get a medication subscription for ADHD, get advised to go to lower-education schools more often than girls with the same test-scores. Boys and girls are equal, but not the same. That's the bottom-line of this new campaign by Sire. 
For this project I was responsible for all the animations. All the animations were created with analogue techniques. Ink, pencil and paint on paper, and the text effects were done by moving paper over a scanner whilst scanning. It was a a lot of fun being dogmatic about this: even though the compositing was done digitally, all our source materials were made analogue, as if boys made them themselves. My intern at the time, Jan Reuser, helped me out with creating the different elements. 
Client SIRE
Creatives GREY
Directed by Reinjan Prakke and Judith Knubben
Production GREY and Chapter Amsterdam
Animations Tom Schrooten and Jan Reuser
DOP and grading Kevin Kimman
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