Zondag met Lubach season 9 promo | Direction
I love it when 3D get’s eerie. I’ve had this promo idea with me for over two years, but I was unable to realize it. Fortunately I got HAUS of WAUS on board. So my deepest gratitude goes to them for sacrificing their summer to make this absurd promo with me. Also a big thank you to Th3rd for all the supervision on 3D-scanning and processing of the scans.
Concept and direction Tom Schrooten
3D Scanning supervision Tristan Bethe | Th3rd
CG supervision Robin Nijhof | HAUS of WAUS
3D Animation Jeroen de Koster | HAUS of WAUS
3D Modelling and texturing Danos van der Zande & Marit van den Hof | HAUS of WAUS
Editing, sounddesign and additional compositing Tom Schrooten
Music CLINT - Nömak
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